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“In My Opinion”: The Height Of Insanity

It’s never This or That

The favorite expression of the human condition is, “In my opinion”. You laugh, but you are basing your reality on your opinions. Listen to how it comes out, “In my opinion”. Now my reality is not going to be based on me, but on my opinion about myself? Now don’t let that escape you, because this is Lesson 139 (I Will Accept Atonement For Myself) and you don’t really understand that the human condition does this all the time. I can get you out of that.


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A Rapid Conversion From Darkness To Light

The solution is never contained in the mechanics

You are a mechanic. You are a physicist. You have the idea within your mind about the universe, but you are mechanical. There is no way you can do it. How do you do it? You use the Mind of God.


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Healing Your Split Mind

You are not who you think you are

Thank you for letting me teach the miracle of the manner in which I’ve been thinking of myself, and finally there is a new technique that I'm employing in my thought association that actually doesn’t have anything to do with the world at all. What it has to do with is my momentary entrance, here, in this idea. And Jesus is standing here with me.


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The Impossibility of Multiple Saviorship

One wholly perfect teacher whose learning is complete suffices

How many saviors of the world does it take to bring about a whole re-illusionment to the glory and reality that you never left heaven? How many? “One.” Does that mean one beside you? Well it seems as though it would to some people. What do we teach, “I’ll save you if you save me.” You have to get beyond that somewhere, don't you. Because you've constructed yourself not to save each other. Can you see it?


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Raising the Frequency of Time

The brilliantly fearless new reality that is your evolutionary destiny

As your mind begins to undergo fearful experiences, which is what the idea of space/time is, instead of defending yourself in reflections of light, you release the idea of the darkness, which to you is what light is, and you experience a moment of the conversion of the reflection of the picture of you that you have of yourself, as compared to the picture of me that I have of myself.


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The Science of Forgiveness

The Action of a Double Negative

The fundamental admission of your decision to forgive in its entirety is nothing but a momentary recognition that the entirety of you is a double negative, in which there could positively be no idea that you would be confined in space/time.


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The Only Answer

Love Your Cancer

I am doing that – I am communicating somewhere in my own association with my own thought forms. You are undergoing experiences of communication here. This is what I want you to see: It’s called cellular communication. It’s strange that contained in each cellular mis-identity of the body or its limited formulation of communication within itself – the single threat that is contained within it – is its own whole association that it is using as a power of itself.


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