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Stem Cell Miracle Healing

Demonstrating Your Resurrecting Capacity With Jesus

We are here to demonstrate in our own resurrecting capacity our individual ability, with you, to regenerate and proliferate our own adult stem cells within my body, and the capacity to demonstrate it within our ideas about our self.

I am excited at the prospect that we would meet each other in the physical appearance of what we are going to attempt to demonstrate, is a continuing possibility of the regeneration of my body form identity, contained within the entirety of the reflection of light that we are using to demonstrate separate body identities, with a very fundamental acknowledgement being asked of you, that you recognize with me that I have come to demonstrate to you my individual capacity to regenerate my body cells.

I’m demonstrating to you what I am very certain of within my own mind. And that is the procedure by which we use the term “resurrection” of our body form, is being augmented within the illusion of dark energy, of how we are measuring reflections of light in the ideas about who we are, in our definition of thought processes, that come and are stimulated by my idea of a body form of cellular identity that maintain within me limited application of an inherent power that cannot not be in me, look with me, if the simple truth of the matter is, we all come from a single source out in the universe without any actual regard to the definitions that we are using in application of the reflection of light ideas of our capacity to demonstrate a continuing regeneration of our stem cells. Beautifully done.

I am termed a Master Teacher of the idea of the practice, within your own conceptual self, to demonstrate about your conceptual self that the ideas you have about your self, in your own particular body formulation, while they contain all the advantages that would be evident to you in the retention of a cellular relationship being augmented by determinations of reflection of variant stem cell identities to reproduce themselves in specialization of demonstration of what they are.

Now, embryonically, we wanted you to see that the origination of a single cell actually has the capacity to continue to reproduce itself. Yet it is always going to be limited somewhere by the idea that in the DNA correspondent with itself it will be in a continuing repetition, look with me, of how it sees itself, without the fundamental admission that the responsibility for the sight of how it is seeing itself within the light factor of the mind, is actually only echoes or ideas about a massive power of light - we used to like to use the term “a billion times greater than this little limited reflection.” And just as obviously, since it is cellularly contained within your own body definition, the utilization of the regeneration of your body cells, we use the term once again “reformulation in revelation of recognition of resurrection,” that in the re-appearance of our savior, the re-appearance of Jesus, all he is really going to show you in the light factor of your mind is the instant of your individual capacity to reproduce your self cellularly.

I’ve decide to make available to you, with your permission, my individual capacity, along with yours if you should decide to exercise it, that we are contained in the entirety of memories that we have about our self as a human body. So we’re going to have to, what? - we’re going to have to utilize the memories about our self in ancient traditions in the short interlude, let’s use forty thousand years, in the short interlude of forty thousand years we have remained in replication of the idea of a duplicity of a single cell relationship that required no division whatsoever. It’s the simple idea that the entirety of our source of reality is coming from the power of the universe, from God, in which we, whether we participate cellularly in our relationship with our self, cannot be more or less than how we feel about our self, as demonstrating our own individual capacity as recognized by, say to me, “Self recognition.”

This will now be from the resurrected mind of Jesus. The very obvious difficulty within the idea that you’re utilizing in your own mind, look with me, cannot not be the conceptual conflict that you feel, not only in the idea of who you are in reflected light ideas about your self, but in the retention of repetition of your body idea in order to be this “eighty year old guy.” Look at it with me. Now they ask me, and this is kind of an exciting procedure and we’re not going to make it evident until somewhere perhaps you can see that I am regenerating my stem cell adult ideas of continuing repetition in ideas of the capacity to convert in a light energy idea about my self, my own body.

We’re teaching this as the reappearance of Jesus in body form. Now, when you begin to recognize the idea that I am teaching cellular responses within the body, there’s an exciting procedure about the possibility that it’s going to be true. Yet the efforts by which you are directed to memories of your own mind are constant reminders to the setting by which you have established your limitation within space/time that you believe that you are that body identity. Now, I am offering you, listen to me, a continuing active conversion of your body formulation, listen with me, with positively no regard about the reflection of light by which you want to identify my self as this “eighty year old body.” Now, at some point most of you in your cellular regeneration say, “Well, whatever you’re doing, you must be utilizing a value procedure within your own body.”

Now you listen to me. The universe, are you listening? - the universe is mind. Every faculty that you will ever employ in the objective association of conceptual ideas that you have about your self are what this universe is. I’m presenting to you this in a so called theory of an idea, of a quantum idea, that the continual reproduction of your cellular identity of body, will allow you to see me at any moment within the factoring of your space/time, a whole new idea about what you are that will become more and more reasonable to you very simply by the mere expression of the freedom of the power of light that is yours to associate with, that is at any single moment not connected to your body form. Are you happy to hear that?

Now, here’s the query: What method do you employ, and I’m looking right at you now, to use the idea of self-identity in order to regenerate your cells? You better listen to me, very simply because only your own cells can regenerate your self. Are you going to listen to me? There is no factor of reflected light in a correspondence of objective association, as Master Jesus would remind you, that do not require your own individual expression of the power of the love in my own body formulation that I am expressing for you right here and now. There’s a long series of videos, “Love is a Many Splendored Thing”, in the indication that when these stem cell regenerations ask how you heal your self, say very simple to them, “I have lost the necessity for conflict within my own mind.” I am aware that the DNA process of the multiplication will always be fundamentally conflictual in the entirety of the ideas, yet there is a fundamental admission of the capacity for the regeneration of the body form. And that’s what I’m attempting to perform with you in our relationship.

If you stay with me I can teach you, in the regeneration of my body formulation, a method where in the application of joy and happiness that are memories within your own body identity, there is absolutely no necessity in the currency of the availability of the idea of a new light reflection that’s going on now, that you hold in any regard, the grievance, the loneliness and the pain that are so necessary in your genetic association.

I promise you, you listen to me now, that the reflection of light that I am offering you will perfectly heal your body identity about who you are, in a direct ratio of space/time of how well you want to be at the entirety of a moment of the happiness, that you and I are now sharing with each other. Practice with me, say to me, “healing,” [healing]. Say to me, “exchange,” [exchange], that you offered to me just then a bright idea that was in your mind, look with me, that actually had nothing to do with your body at all.

Thank you, that was very beautiful. In other words, if the reflection of light that corresponds to your body identity are containments of the cellular idea you have about your self, I can demonstrate to you right now that through joy and love and forgiveness and re-emotional evaluation of your insane attempt to hold on to a limited definition of yourself in space/time, it’s very possible for you to use the entirety of the power of the regeneration of your cells to stay here just for that moment and resurrect; to use the entirety of a dark idea of pain and death and immediately spring into light.

Excepts from
The Power Of Love To Heal - The Stem Cell Research In The Resurrection Of Our Body - Episode I
with The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles