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The Impossibility of Multiple Saviorship

One wholly perfect teacher whose learning is complete suffices

How many saviors of the world does it take to bring about a whole re-illusionment to the glory and reality that you never left heaven?

How many? “One.” Does that mean one beside you? Well it seems as though it would to some people. What do we teach, “I’ll save you if you save me.” You have to get beyond that somewhere, don’t you. Because you’ve constructed yourself not to save each other. Can you see it?

There’s a specific designation - what this is actually saying is the impossibility of multiple saviorship. Only because of the impossibility of multiple anything. Do you see?

Here we are now, which is every place where God has come and always did to show us in our momentary time associations that we are perfect as He created us and have in fact ascended to heaven. We stand now in heaven, reminiscing for just a moment in the borderland, about how all of this came about and we are joyously laughing and happy that it’s all over.

By remembering for a moment the apparent chaos that we underwent, we re-associate and do connective re-evaluations in the chaotic associations of space/time that are apparently still there. This is what a savior of the world is. He enters into the association, takes on the guise of the multiplicity of dimensional space/time, and reconnects it in his own mind. Do you see?

So then, when we pick up the Manual For Teachers of God by risen man made whole, whole mind, historic reference, earth time-frame, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we can make application of this teaching which comes from out of time and is declaring to us that it’s time for us to awaken.

It reminds us that we were a deep seed in chaos, and it seemed very chaotic to us because we needed a bell to ring in us, or a time in time when we would suddenly undergo an experience.
It’s a pre-arranged designation, much as a mole would be in a spy association.

Except in this case he doesn’t even know he’s a spy for God. He’s planted so deeply.

Can you hear this?
He’s a part of the conflictual association, but he accumulates to a certain point in the re-association and then it will trigger in him, and that’s what a savior of the world is. He then will progress more rapidly in an expansion of his own mind in the dream. It’s called the burden of light. It’s a taking on of the burden of the savior in his own perceptual mind. That’s really what a savior of the world is.

How many Teachers of God are needed to save the world. The answer to this questions is one.
One wholly perfect teacher whose learning is complete suffices.

Now, if you can direct your attention to there being a savior outside of yourself who is totally sanctified and totally redeemed and has saved you, you would have to admit that you have entered into a total re-association of yourself with your apparently projected images, of whose saviorship you are denying.

This is the whole idea of the course that we teach...
Change the cause or change the effect and see that the cause is different in your own mind. The admission for example that this is an absolutely true association does not require the association of what caused it. It simply requires the admission that it is true.

If you look at a projected image outside yourself there’s two ways that you can come to know it’s true. Because of what it apparently says to you in association with yourself, which is actually your own mind, or how you re-cognize it through the release of your non-necessity to formulate any idea about it.

This one, sanctified and redeemed, becomes the Self Who is the Son of God. He who was always wholly spirit now no longer sees himself as a body, or even as in a body. Therefore he is limitless. And being limitless, his thoughts are joined with God’s forever and ever. His perception of himself is based upon God’s Judgment, not his own. Thus does he share God’s Will, and bring His thoughts to still deluded minds. He is forever one, because he is as God created him. He has accepted Christ, and he is saved.

Jesus is giving a definition of himself here, or a definition of you when you recognize, as you awaken from your dream, that it was only your own dream. That it was only you that caused it. That the conflict was only in your own mind, and that therefore you must be the savior of the world if there is one. Now, if you allow a whole apparent savior to come into your own dream it has to be at your own direction. And remember that if you judge him by any standards that you are forcing on your own association, he cannot exceed the judgment of you.

Everybody’s waiting for the second coming outside of themselves,
and that is not what’s going to occur.
They keep looking around, “Where is he, and when’s he going to come?”
He’s obviously never going to come. Wow.

He is forever one, because he is as God created him. He has accepted Christ, and he is saved. Thus does the son of man become the Son of God. Boy, that’s a lovely Christian biblical expression. It is not really a change; it is a change of mind. Nothing external alters, but everything internal now reflects only the Love of God... and changes the apparent external associations the he had constructed to keep his own reflected self identity in himself. Do you see that?

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