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Healing Your Split Mind

You are not who you think you are

Thank you for letting me teach the miracle of the manner in which I’ve been thinking of myself, and finally there is a new technique that I’m employing in my thought association that actually doesn’t have anything to do with the world at all. What it has to do with is my momentary entrance, here, in this idea. And Jesus is standing here with me.

Thank you, I am very grateful. That’s the light that’s offered to me in this lesson that I have decided to practice in my mind. Are you listening? There’s got to be something else. See, all I am really offering you, from any approach that you want, is that the consciousness that you hold about yourself, are you ready? – is not who you are.

The consciousness you hold about yourself is not going to be who you are, even though you’re determined that somewhere within the faculty of yourself who you think you are at this time will appear to be who you think you are. And if that’s true you’re going to end up – and now you’re going to tell me about my eighty year old body form - and I am going to perform, with your permission, a miracle, just for a moment.

There are some Christian healers out there that are suddenly causing spontaneous remissions of ideas of the cellular relationship of the body. And everybody is saying with Jesus, “Wow, look at that guy, he was sick and now he is healed.” Yet you continue to examine within your mind the manner in which the miracle of the healing was accomplished, even though Jesus has told you, and we use the tachyon field of light energy, that that healing in fact is coming from the light energy through the mind of Jesus and/or your mind in your discovery as a disciple that you’re going to practice with Jesus the idea of this lesson, in a voice that you heard speaking to you offering you this solution within your voice.

Yes, I will be seeing you, and yes, I was gone. And yes, I have returned in an increase in frequency that has taken all the time - and now we’re talking about, let’s use forty thousand years. The idea that within your mind you have a consciousness, we use the term “split mind,” that it’s possible for you to be separate from yourself in the idea of yourself, are what have caused the idea of the parallel universe.

And I have it here somewhere. There it is! [holds up Scientific American] The Parallel Universe of the reflection of light that justifies your idea that I am going to get old and sick an die, very simply because I see out there, and let’s use the term “enemy,” crucifixion, a guy I am afraid of, obviously is why you reject Jesus. Jesus says, “Look,” and I have had this experience and now I am going back a lot of years with me, when I was determined to justify my need to conduct war. This was, for me, the year 1946... or the year 1846. My concern is not actually, and this is 2006 - but the ideas of that memory are present with me now in my determination that in the miracle of my mind I am healed and perfect as I was created.

The miracle of the alteration of yourself with yourself produces a different frame of reference that is no longer in the crowdedness of the darkness of the light that previously represented what you thought about yourself, because what you think about yourself is not who you are.

This isn’t hard. It does take a little practice, but you remember this: You’re practicing within your mind, through Jesus, the whole idea of how this works in the idea that Jesus is praying with you. Listen with me, here is the totality of an acknowledgment that I am doing it to myself. Listen with me.

The secret of salvation is but this: That you are doing this unto yourself. No matter what the form of the attack, this still is true. Whoever takes the role of enemy and of attacker, still is this the truth. Whatever seems to be the cause of any pain and suffering you feel, this is still true. For you would not react at all to figures in a dream you knew that you were dreaming. Let them be as hateful and as vicious as they may, they could have no effect on you unless you failed to recognize it is your dream.

And this is the message that you’re offered.

This single lesson learned will set you free from suffering, whatever form it takes. The Holy Spirit will repeat this one inclusive lesson of deliverance until it has been learned, regardless of the form of suffering that brings you pain. Whatever hurt you bring to Him He will make answer with this very simple truth. For this one answer takes away the cause of every form of sorrow and of pain. The form affects His answer not at all, for He would teach you but the single cause of all of them, no matter what their form. And you will understand that miracles reflect this very simple statement, "I have done this thing, and it is this I would undo."

I have done this thing, and it is this that I would undo with you.
This is the lesson that we’re learning today, from Jesus.

I am back with you for just a moment because I am feeling the joy that you are expressing in the idea that you are being healed, in the circumstances that you’ve decided to accept responsibility for yourself. And it comes with the certainty, are you listening? – that you are responsible. The simplest way to perform the act of forgiveness is simply allow yourself to be entirely guilty of the act that you’re performing.

Here is the problem that you have and I am going to read it to you. You like the idea that you are guilty of all the terrible things that are happening out there, but the idea of the entirety of the impossibility that there is not eternal love and eternal happiness out there are what have caused you momentarily to come back into the haunts of the idea of space and time and use them to demonstrate, “Yes I know, but the fact of the matter is, there is suffering here, there is loneliness and there is death.”

And now you’re teaching about Jesus, and you’re teaching about the crucifixion, and you’re teaching about the idea of the nails that are in his palms, and you’re teaching about the idea of him being up on the cross. Are you listening? Where is the resurrection?

Where is this new story that we’re going to be presenting to you in our Course In Miracles about a simple demonstration that coming to you from out of this framework of time was a voice that instructed you, through the voice of Jesus, about the certainty that the immediacy of a better reflection of light was yours, if you decided to use it. And all of this was spoken from a voice that obviously wasn’t here. Yet you don’t like to accept the fundamental idea that the voice that’s speaking to you is actually in your mind.

This is the time and place that you have decided, in these lessons of the miracle from out of time, that you want to be the time when you recognize the power of your mind to leave this little containment of time.

Now is there silence all around the world. Now is there stillness where before there was a frantic rush of thoughts that made no sense. Now is there tranquil light across the face of earth, made quiet in a dreamless sleep. And now the Word of God alone remains upon it. Only that can be perceived an instant longer. Then are symbols done, and everything you ever thought you made completely vanished from the mind that God forever knows to be His only Son. In this vision of the Son, so brief that not an instant stands between this single sight and timelessness itself, you see the vision of yourself, and then you disappear forever into God.

I want to say particularly thank you, for the beauty that I am feeling in the representation of your acceptance of a mission that we have together in the certainty that in the resurrection of Jesus he is finally going to say to you, “You’re not a body.” And that while I may appear to be this factor of the light of a sequence of time, and we use the term “forty thousand years” within my mind, all that could possibly have happened is: We came here, we were here for a moment and we left.

And that’s how I know in this new reflection of light of the resurrection of the return of Jesus, who immediately represents himself as a whole part of what I am, in the demonstration that we find in Lesson 199, that I am not actually a body at all. And the idea that I’m not a body, at least in the perspective of my mind, let me look at the idea that that was an alternative, and that it’s going on all the time. And if I hold onto momentarily memories of fear and loss, they’re still gone. This world, despite all of your attempts to justify it within your own mind, was over a very long time ago. You came here, you were here and you left.

Excepts from
The Production Of The Story Of A Course In Miracles Workbook Lessons 197-198 – Episode II
with The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles