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The Science of Forgiveness

The Action of a Double Negative

The procedures that we are about to offer each other in the idea of a process of the possibility of a non-constriction of yourself in an energy formulation that would allow for a more rapid idea of an action within your potential of mind to a realization of forgiveness of the action of the illusion of your correspondence of time are what I promised, if I return this morning from outside of the framework of the possibility that this could be a world of reality, you would like to share with me on a very fundamental basis, in the idea that the process by which we are coming to know who we are, once again I'm using the action of forgiveness in the idea of the stricture you have placed on yourself within your own mind identity that the possibility you would be in this location of space/time could be true.

The latest scientific evidence that is a provision of the measurement of the idea of mass or density says very simply that the universe is entirely dark. Look with me. What a joyous idea could be the idea that what we just shared together is the idea that in the beginning was the light, not the darkness. So that in that sense the entirety of my teaching is, there is relative to the idea of space/time, within the correspondence of the energy of my body-light conversion, no such thing as location, no such thing as this body formulation, except what? – that it be entirely dark.

Except as my savior Jesus, and now you, I see, in your emotional involvement with yourself in reaching the inevitable solution that the universe actually is entirely dark, and at that moment you won’t search for light within the idea, this is the idea of specie, this is the idea of man within your own identity, in an attempt to justify within your formulation other than the entirety of what you are.

I particularly want to thank you for seeing the simplicity of an idea of double negative. I love that you can formulate in your idea that comparisons of positive and negative energy will always lead to a duplicity of emotional involvement in the idea of hate and love, or sorrow or joy, because that emotional involvement is an idea we have about ourself.

Now, your recognition of the idea of a process of a reason why you would be occupied within your own consciousness identity and consider yourself to be a body formulation are simply proof that you are a body formulation, very simply because the idea of containment within your own mind can not exclude any possibility you have about yourself in your relative association of body formulation. Somehow I got involved, thank you for that, in the idea of a double negative association. If there’s one thing that I learned from my savior in his resurrection was the entirety of a double negative association.

Remember? This is the idea of nurturing the possibility of formulation of your idea of body conversion in the certainty of resurrection. He looks up at God and he says, “God, I have done absolutely everything you told me to do in a comparison of dark versus light. I ask you now only to shine on me in my definition of myself, since in conceptual idea of myself I have fulfilled that function, and I'm waiting right here in this Gethsemane of containment within universal idea for the acceptance of my light.” Are you listening? No response!

Look with me. At that moment the entirety of the necessity for double negative was expressed. And while you like to look at it as quantum teaching, what I'm looking at is God, the universe, what I am in the idea of myself, listen, is totally and positively not concerned at all about your judgmental occupation of comparison of yourself as a body.

Wow, I'm trapped in the idea I'm going to have to read you just a little bit more about negativity. Shall I tell you why? You enjoy it.

Because the fundamental admission of your decision to forgive in its entirety
is nothing but a momentary recognition that the entirety of you is a double negative,
in which there could positively be no idea that you would be confined in space/time.

I'm going to make you look with me at the idea of double negativity, because I love the idea that there suddenly occurred to you a relative association of the entirety of nothing, which you call death, which is impossible, and everything that can not be an association of everything except in its entirety, which would then have no frame of reference for the relative light idea, ready, of the resurrection that occurred here just in this last forty days, you call it forty thousand years, fourteen thousand million years, that you have come into a sight within your own mind where that solution has occurred to you. Very simply the admission, are you listening with me, the problem can’t be solved.

Now, the more you have determined the entirety of the negativity, the more you have become a denial of the necessity to assert the possibility that there is light. What it simply is, is the idea that you’re going to let the power of the universe express what you are, rather than attempting to find yourself in space/time.

This is a mind training in what we term a miracle, and a miracle is probably the most scientific idea you could have about yourself. A miracle is the idea that, no matter where you look in the constricts of your own conceptual mind identity, every solution that you reach will always be the identity of a past idea of yourself, projected into the future, where you seem to be standing in an occupation of space/time in dark energy, this is a miracle,

but through the practice of your mind, or the power of assertion of yourself,
you and I together, in this idea of forgiveness, have simply admitted that
deep down within us, below this, we used to call this “event horizon”,
that’s out there of energy in which we found our conflict of extension,
the problem could not be solved.

No matter what we did, we ended up with the recognition of the passage of time that resulted in this eighty-four year old body identity, occurring within a fabric where you could recognize ideas of separate bodies, without the fundamental admission of the reasonableness of, say: “resurrection”, resurrection, or conversion of your body form that is actually going on simultaneously with this idea.

Excepts from
The Undoing Of Fear - Forgiveness Is The Action Of A Double Negative – Episode I
with The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles