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Saturday, October 16th 2021

Three Days to Awakening 42 - with Devavan

"#ThreeDaysToAwakening": We are looking more detailed at actions of mind in the Awakening related to the recognition of time and timelessness, the understanding that the past is over and you, the Son of God, is free of sin and guilt. We will no longer postpone our experience in order to justify the separation. We are remembering who we are - as GOD created us, you, me.

#Devavan shares from Lesson 289 and parts of chapter 19-IV-6.-7., 3-VII, 4-Intro as well as from the new book "3 Days To Awakening - Day One - Looking for a Way out of Here" the instructional words of Jesus Christ

Also LIVE and archived on YouTube of DevAvan: https://youtu.be/WclPZqHr_0w