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Saturday, October 9th 2021

Three Days to Awakening 41 - with Devavan

"#ThreeDaysToAwakening": We are looking more detailed at actions of mind in the Awakening related to the fear of love and how to heal this unworthy self-concept. Since Love is all there is and represents Creation, it is our responsibility to bring it into full awareness at any time, in any circumstance. Thus a process of undoing or correction is offered by which all limited and temporary meaning of the world and ourselves is converted into truth, light and love.

#Devavan shares from Lesson 282 and parts of chapter 26-V-12.-13. as well as from the new book "3 Days To Awakening - Day One - Looking for a Way out of Here" the instructional words of Jesus Christ

Also LIVE and archived on YouTube of DevAvan: https://youtu.be/7stG53aJXXs