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Tuesday, April 16th 2024

Forgiveness Is The Action Of A Double Negative - Joining with the Master Teacher's Teachings (51)

We are sharing in this episode in a direct meeting with Master Teacher the first part of the video presentation of The Undoing Of Fear, Episode II, in which He offers us the recognition of the miracles which offers and reflects our present Memory through which we realize the undoing process of what is long since gone. Recognizing that the past is gone opens to the recognition of the Satellite in us that is nothing less than the Christ Light shining and extending the truth into all of our mind. ◊ 
We are using Part 1 of the Master Teacher's video PL-07a - The Undoing Of Fear - Forgiveness Is The Action Of A Double Negative, Epi II -- https://themasterteacher.tv/video/catalogue/volume-one/the-power-of-light-series/PL-07b