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Tuesday, April 9th 2024

The Return of Yeshua - Joining with the Master Teacher's Teachings (50)

We are sharing in this episode in a direct meeting with Master Teacher the second part of the video presentation of The Passion Of The Christ, Episode II, in which He offers us the recognition of our present Love which reflects our resurrected mind in the Awareness that He is back and walks with us. that is within us, not outside. We are sharing and talking about the conversion of the idea of death that is in the human mind and how the fear of death is overcome by no longer depending on such illusion. We represent His resurrected Mind as our own and remember that we are not from "here". ◊ We are using Part 2 of the Master Teacher's video PL-05b - The Passion Of The Christ - The Return Of Jesus Of Nazareth, Epi II -- https://themasterteacher.tv/video/catalogue/volume-one/the-power-of-light-series/PL-05b

YouTube: https://youtu.be/JJObtovhNgA