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Thursday, January 11th 2018

The Illuminate Thought Of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 60 with Wolter

" In the midst of all that diversity there is, however, something which dominates-something which confers its distinctively christian character on the organism as a whole (as well as upon each element in it): it is the impulse towards the heavens, the laborious and painful bursting out beyond matter. It is important to remember (and we have not finished insisting on it) that the supernatural awaits and sustains the progress of our nature. But it must not be forgotten that it purifies and perfects that progress, in the end, only in an apparent annihilation. The inseparable alliance between the two terms, personal progress and renunciation in God; but also the continual, and then final, ascendency of the second over the first-it is these that sum up the full meaning of the mystery of the Cross".

- Teilhard de Chardin in The Divine Milieu 15