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Saturday, July 4th 2020

Perfectly safe forever 27 with Devavan

Devavan in the idea of A Course in Miracles about truth and freedom, total independence, through seeing and accepting our brother as our one and only Self, giving permission to have perception changed all together...

"Perception is a choice of what you want yourself to be; the world you want to live in, and the state in which you think your mind will be content and satisfied. It chooses where you think your safety lies, at your decision. It reveals yourself to you as you would have you be. And always is it faithful to your purpose, from which it never separates, nor gives the slightest witness unto anything the purpose in your mind upholdeth not. Perception is a part of what it is your purpose to behold, for means and end are never separate. And thus you learn what seems to have a life apart has none.
You are the means for God; not separate, nor with a life apart from His. His Life is manifest in you who are His Son. Each aspect of Himself is framed in holiness and perfect purity, in love celestial and so complete it wishes only that it may release all that it looks upon unto itself. Its radiance shines through each body that it looks upon, and brushes all its darkness into light merely by looking past it to the light..."

- Jesus Christ in A Course in Miracles, Chapter 25, I, II, V

- with introductory video on YouTube by DevAvan: https://youtu.be/UqdbJ3ToHWQ