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The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles

The Master Teacher Of A Course In Miracles

The Master Teacher is a Teacher of God through illumination of mind and body that is the fulfillment of the mission of A Course In Miracles.

He constitutes a continuing union with the mind of Jesus of Nazareth through the Holy Spirit. As a Teacher of God, he demonstrates the passion of rebirth that is the goal of all of us in the mind training of the Course.

Lying deep within the awareness of the human mind is a doorway to the fulfillment of man’s yearning for the realization of his own Divine Perfection. Past the tapestry woven by the illusionary limitations of space and time is the discovery of the infinite reaches of Universal Mind. Beyond this portal lies the compelling experience of the marriage of religion and science, the merger of psychology and philosophy, and the integration of heart and mind. Bound no longer by form, concept or fear, this point of communication with God is remembered as the experience of Singular Reality Itself.

The merger of energy (Light) and form into a single field of vision within human consciousness is the most revolutionary event in the evolution of the species. The conversion of matter to light involves the full participation of the apparent body organization. Known in religious vernacular as the resurrection, this metamorphosis transfigures the body and merges it with the single field of consciousness we recognize as the Source of Creation. It is a moment of a singular occurrence in all of Universal Reality in which we escape our own captivity from space and time. The Master Teacher’s credential is the transmission of the power of Resurrected Mind into the sleeping mind of this dream world.

In his Illumination he becomes the Awakener, demonstrating through our own individual experience that the world we see is of our own invention and has nothing to do with the reality of life. As a whole expression of Universal Communication, Master Teacher stimulates and accelerates through your personal individual experience the healing essence of Light as the transforming factor of Mind, in which expressions such as Quickening to Light and raising of the dead become a natural occurrence within the context of man’s evolutionary transition from time to eternity. Our human understanding, thus, is lifted to a new vibratory resonance of Love and to a remembrance of ourselves as One with each other and with the Source of All Creation.

Speaking with the authority of Enlightenment, he is both an interpreter and integrator of the world’s revelatory theologies, both religious and scientific, being the conveyer of the Universal Experience common to all. As a Light Transmitter, Master Teacher is the miraculous introduction to the dynamics of the transformational process of Illumination. He challenges you to recall that the religion of your nature and the philosophy of your being can be integrated, through the science of your mind into the brilliantly fearless new reality that is your evolutionary destiny.