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Saturday, November 26th 2022

ACIM - Reflections with Devavan (47)

What do you treasure? - Reflections on Urtext notes:

In this episode we are looking at the teaching of Christ-Jesus and His Course in Miracles as we look closer at what it is we treasure. Also here it is just a matter to choose between what unifies and is forever one or the illusionary gifts the ego has to offer. We are learning that all that the world represents as a the screen on which the ego projects... is not really there, and thus cannot hurt or attack us anymore. We realize its impossibility! ◊

We are sharing A Course in Miracles as given in in the Notes correlating with parts of chapter 2-II.(2-IV.--Complete & Annotated Edition) and of the Lessons 330 — ACIM-Reflections (47).

This series of podcasts and teachings with #Devavan have the purpose to share and bring about the message of Awakening from the dream, a successful and complete change of thinking and perceiving an impermanent world of limitations in order to bring about the resurrection of the identified body association to finally remember and re-awaken our illuminate recognition of our eternal singular Christ Mind and Light through the Workbook Lessons of A Course in Miracles #ACIM and one's own personal and universal Experience. #ACIMReflections

Archived on YouTube: https://youtu.be/GWGJHTNWAkw