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Tuesday, March 26th 2024

Recognizing to not be a body - Joining with the Master Teacher's Teachings (48)

We are sharing in this episode in a direct meeting with Master Teacher the first part of the video presentation of I Am Not A Body I Am Free. I Am Still As God Created Me, Episode II, in which He offers us the basic recognition and practice that will lead inevitably to a resurrecting Experience. We are looking at His expression that there is no possibility of a conceptual mind will HEAR this. It can though start to practice towards a Self recognition such as the title offers as premise for its realization and become willing to "enter into a harmony of light conversion to Light" that will open up to this Singular Creative resurrecting Experience and Knowingness. ◊ 
We are using Part 1 of the Master Teacher's video PS-04b - I Am Not A Body I Am Free. I Am Still As God Created Me., Epi II -- https://themasterteacher.tv/video/catalogue/volume-one/the-peace-series/PS-04b