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Saturday, November 18th 2023

ACIM - Reflections with Devavan (95) -- The Holy Spirit is the Mediator

In this episode we are continuing to look at the teaching of Christ-Jesus and His Course in Miracles in regard to the idea of using the Holy Spirit in the decision to give up what was never real, all illusions of fear and separation. The Holy Spirit represents the idea of healing, and because His Voice hasn't been heard for so long It needs to be strengthened. This happens by sharing It, and so Its strength will increase. The Light of the Holy Spirit mediates this to all minds and understanding is Light and Light leads to Knowledge. ◊
We are sharing A Course in Miracles as given in in the Notes correlating with — chapter 5-IV-1-9 of the Complete & Annotated Edition, published in FIP-Edition as chapter 5–III-1-7, and parts of the daily Lessons 322 & 323 of the Workbook — ACIM-Reflections (95) with Devavan.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJym0Or7VK4