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Saturday, July 24th 2021

Three Days to Awakening 30 - with Devavan

"#ThreeDaysToAwakening" which can be understood as three steps, three actions of mind of self-recognition. We are looking more detailed at the first and second action of mind in the Awakening related to darkness vanishing in the Light, perception being useless and replaced by Knowledge and recognizing our Self as the Thought in Which God created us in His like Quality - For I am still as God created me.

#Devavan shares from his new book "3 Days To Awakening - Day One - Looking for a Way out of Here" the instructional words of Jesus Christ in Chapter 11-vi-1. & 3-v-4.,6.-7.

Also LIVE and archived on YouTube of DevAvan: https://youtu.be/freWEBIhq5k