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Saturday, November 21st 2020

Perfectly safe forever 47 with Devavan

#Devavan with #ACourseInMiracles - #ACIM about the recognition of spiritual guidance in times that increase apparently the separation. What your true rights are securing you #safety and #freedom that cannot be jeopardized.

We share the words of Jesus Christ in A Course in Miracles with the Lessons 326 of the Workbook and parts in Chapter 9-I-10. and 9-II-3.-5. of the Textbook of ACIM:
"If you would know your prayers are answered, never doubt a Son of God. Do not question him and do not confound him, for your faith in him is your faith in yourself. If you would know God and His Answer, believe in me whose faith in you cannot be shaken. Can you ask of the Holy Spirit truly, and doubt your brother?..."

Also in full length as YouTube-Video #DevAvan: https://youtu.be/xlMYR47heC4