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Saturday, June 27th 2020

Perfectly safe forever 26 with Devavan

Devavan in the idea of A Course in Miracles about the two lessons that are to be learned though GOD willed not His Son forget HIM. Safety is known in remembering HIM...
"Learning is an ability you made and gave yourself. It was not made to do the Will of God, but to uphold a wish that it could be opposed, and that a will apart from it was yet more real than it. And this has learning sought to demonstrate, and you have learned what it was made to teach. Now does your ancient overlearning stand implacable before the Voice of truth, and teach you that Its lessons are not true; too hard to learn, too difficult to see, and too opposed to what is really true. Yet you will learn them, for their learning is the only purpose for your learning skill the Holy Spirit sees in all the world. His simple lessons in forgiveness have a power mightier than yours, because they call from God and from your Self to you..."

- Jesus Christ in A Course in Miracles, Chapter 31- I, 4, 7

- with introductory video on YouTube by DevAvan: https://youtu.be/Y-GSyVJQKKc