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Saturday, May 16th 2020

Perfectly safe forever 20 with Devavan

Devavan in the idea of A Course in Miracles about our change of mind in regard to danger and threat seemingly experienced in this world. It is the undoing of defense mecanisms in the mind that brings safety and lets us realize that our safety does not come from 'here'.
As indicated in the Lessons 135 of the Workbook of ACIM:
"Defense is frightening. It stems from fear, increasing fear as each defense is made. You think it offers safety. Yet it speaks of fear made real and terror justified. Is it not strange you do not pause to ask, as you elaborate your plans and make your armor thicker and your locks more tight, what you defend, and how, and against what?
...it is not the body that can fear, nor be a thing of fear. It has no needs but those which you assign to it. It needs no complicated structures of defense, no health-inducing medicine, no care and no concern at all."

- with introductory video on YouTube by DevAvan: https://youtu.be/gVfTUGK4UfE