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Easter - 2018

Audio Recordings from “Easter Celebration: The Vision of Holiness, The Light Has Come”, March 25 - April 1, 2018.

Thursday, March 29th 2018

The Illuminate Thought Of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 70 with Wolter

" Through fidelity we situate ourselves and maintain ourselves in the hands of God so exactly as to become one with them in their action. Through fidelity we open ourselves so intimately and continuously to the wishes and good pleasure of God, that his life penetrates and assimilates ours like a fortifying bread. Hoc est cibus meus, utfaciamvoluntatem Patns. And finally, through fidelity we find ourselves at every moment situated at the exact point at which the whole bundle of inward and outward forces of the world converge providentially upon us, that is to say at the one point where the divine milieu can, at a given moment, be made real for us...

...To charity, the beginning and the end of all spiritual relationships. Christian charity, which is preached so fervently by the Gospels, is nothing else than the more or less conscious cohesion of souls engendered by their communal convergence in Christo Jesu. It is impossible to love Christ without loving others (in proportion as these others are moving towards Christ). And it is impossible to love others (in a spirit of broad human communion) without moving nearer to Christ. Hence automatically, by a sort of living determinism, the individual divine milieux, in proportion as they establish themselves, tend to fuse one with another; and in this association they find a boundless increase of their ardour. "

- Teilhard de Chardin in The Divine Milieu - Fidelity as an operative of the Divine Milieu; Charity as the operative for convergence in Christ