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A Stairway To The Stars

I will build a stairway to the stars for you, that you may walk on. I’m making it out of light beams. You can climb that stair now. You can see paradise. How beautiful the lights are.


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The Presence Of The Christ Mind

Sharing Together Our True Identity With Jesus

We’re happy to see you again in the particulars of your discovery of the presence of the Christ Mind next to you at this time and place, not two thousand years ago and not last week. This is A Course In Miracles from the savior of this world, Jesus Christ, who is giving us an indication of the immediate capacity for you, in a continuing recognition of your self that you can perform acts of conversion within the light form that demonstrates ideas of correspondence of body, that will, what does our savior Jesus say? “Heal the sick and raise the dead.”


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A Rapid Conversion From Darkness To Light

The solution is never contained in the mechanics

You are a mechanic. You are a physicist. You have the idea within your mind about the universe, but you are mechanical. There is no way you can do it. How do you do it? You use the Mind of God.


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The Science of Forgiveness

The Action of a Double Negative

The fundamental admission of your decision to forgive in its entirety is nothing but a momentary recognition that the entirety of you is a double negative, in which there could positively be no idea that you would be confined in space/time.


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