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The Presence Of The Christ Mind

Sharing Together Our True Identity With Jesus

We’re happy to see you again in the particulars of your discovery of the presence of the Christ Mind next to you at this time and place, not two thousand years ago and not last week. This is A Course In Miracles from the savior of this world, Jesus Christ, who is giving us an indication of the immediate capacity for you, in a continuing recognition of your self that you can perform acts of conversion within the light form that demonstrates ideas of correspondence of body, that will, what does our savior Jesus say? “Heal the sick and raise the dead.”


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Resurrecting To Reality

The Expanding Realization Of Your True Self

I am very happy to see that you’ve stayed with me in the idea of the possibility of the resurrection of your body. This is our Course In Miracles and I am representing to you the advancement that I obtained through self-realization, the simple admission that the problems that confront you in this world could never be solved.


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Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Just For You

So this little interlude of love is more directly concerned about the light energy that I am expressing for you in the recognition that suddenly the neighbors, the brothers, the enemies, those we hated and detested were only ideas we had about ourself within our own mind, and now that love is beginning to come directly from the idea that Jesus is going to be with us.


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