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Saturday, January 22nd 2022

ACIM - Reflections with Devavan 3

Today we are reflecting what our own thought-"creations" have done to us by keeping the mind in fear and separation. By recognizing that any fragment of fear is the entire fear we choose to accept the Gifts of God that remind us of how to wake up from the dream of fear in its entirety.

We are sharing parts from the Gifts of God (Urtext, Vol. VII)-1.,5.-7. and from the lessons 22 of the Workbook of ACIM.

This series of podcasts and teachings with #Devavan have the purpose to share and bring about the message of Awakening from the dream, a successful and complete change of thinking and perceiving an impermanent world of limitations in order to bring about the resurrection of the identified body association to finally remember and re-awaken our illuminate recognition of our eternal singular Christ Mind and Light through the Workbook Lessons of A Course in Miracles #ACIM and one's own personal and universal Experience. #ACIMReflections

YouTube LIVE and archived: https://youtu.be/Htb2oE2YBiQ