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The Rhythm and Reason of Reality

Prose and Poetry in A Course In Miracles

Those of you who have discovered the unearthly masterpiece, A Course In Miracles, will no doubt be aware of, and grateful for, its divine message of the rememberance of God and reality through love and forgiveness, that are only made possible in the realization that this world is a dream of your own making. You may remember reading, amongst the literature concerning the scribing of the Course, references to the use of the poetic form called iambic pentameter. Most of you won’t know exactly what this means, some notwithstanding your own claims to the contrary. Of those who do know what the term means, most will not be able to easily discern the poetic form within the prosaic layout of the Course. The purpose of this volume is to present the poetry of the Course in a totally accessible manner. You need know nothing about poetic forms and meters to begin enjoying it immediately. You may, however, wish to read the introduction to this book, since the search to ascertain the extent of the poetic form within the Course has revealed another astounding dimension in its structural integrity.

Soft cover book (362 pages) #RRR

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