A Course In Miracles International represents the millions of teachers and students of the Course who individually or through healing centers or transformational study groups are discovering the peace of enlightened mind for which all humanity yearns. The healing of body, mind and spirit through the training of our Course is being practiced in virtually every country of the world.

Our interest in educational dissemination and outreach follows from our personal imperative to extend Jesus Christ's message of love and forgiveness to the world.

A Course In Miracles International


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Wednesday - Monday: 9am - 7pm
Tuesday: By special appointment only,
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Address: 138 1st St, Baraboo, WI 53913

Phone: (608) 448-4770

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Advent Of A Great Awakening

Love Is A many Splendored Thing

“All About God And How To Find Him”

A Journey without Distance In the Space of An Instant of Reality

Friday, February 9 through Monday, February 19, 2018

A Course In Miracles International Healing Center
Baraboo, WI, USA

Demonstrating the Manner of your Escape
from the Bondage of Space Time

An 11-day intensive, personal, odyssey for those who are, at last, genuinely determined
to experience the whole new reality of Life that is the Eternal Love of God

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The Return of the Heretic
The Return of the Heretic
The First Seven Years

“This is an invitation to a great experiment. Just for a moment, lay aside the prejudices of your human establishment and listen to these words with your heart”.

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